Naval Artillery and Missiles

Bofors L/70 and Oerlicon 2SS Guns, Obús 105/26 Howitzer

Bofors L/70 Automatic Gun, Torrevieja

In the coastal exhibition of the Maritime Museum of Torrevieja, some examples of naval and land artillery are presented (read more )

4-inch QF Mk XVI Naval Gun

4-inch QF Mk XVI naval gun

The four-inch QF Mk XVI gun was adopted in 1936 and used until the end of the 50s, becoming standard as the universal artillery of the British, Canadian and Australian navies
(read more )

АК-176 Naval Gun

АК-176 Soviet Naval Gun

Soviet project 1241 "Molniya" missile corvettes (Tarantul class in NATO) were armed with an AK-176 universal artillery system mounted in the bow (read more )