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Peder Skram frigate (naval Base Holmen, Copenhagen)

Pier " Elefanten" (map) got his name from the ship that was sunk in this place, which became the basis for it. Here moored frigate of the Royal Navy (HDMS) Peder Skram, Museum ship.

Peder Skram frigate

Frigate Peder Skrams launched at the Royal shipyard in 1964, adopted in may 1966 with the onboard number F352. The ship has a displacement of 2,755 tons, a length of 112.65, a width of 12.25 and a draft of 5.2 meters. Powerplant-two gas turbine units with a capacity of 22 thousand HP and two diesel engines of 2400 HP the Ship could reach speeds of up to 30 knots (56 km/h) and pass 7200 miles (13,300 km) 12-node economic course. This is a very good indicator for ships of this class.

Peder Skram frigate

The ship was originally armed with four 127mm main-caliber guns in two towers, four 40mm Bofors and a four-tube torpedo tube. In 1978, one of the towers of the main caliber was dismantled and the ship received launchers for 8 anti-aircraft missiles Sea Sparrow and 8 anti-ship Harpoon. Related to these missiles is the incident that occurred during the exercises on September 26, 1982, when one of the "Harpoons"spontaneously started. The rocket flew 34 kilometers, damaging several power lines until it hit a small grove in the suburban village, where it exploded. At the same time, 4 summer houses were destroyed and about 130 were damaged. Fortunately, there were no casualties. To reassure the public, the result of a hasty investigation was indicted by a technician servicing the missiles. However, a thorough examination concluded that the cause of the unauthorized start-up was a defect in the control system. As a result, the missile manufacturer, McDonnell Douglas, has paid considerable compensation.

Peder Skram frigate

The ship served until July 5, 1990, after which it was transferred to the Royal naval Museum. The ship is open for school holidays from 28 June to 10 August and from 11 to 19 October, from 11 to 17, the ticket price is 70 kronor. By purchasing a single ticket for 100 NOK You can visit also Selen submarine and Sehested messile boat.