Hans Beimler Missile Boat, Peenemünde

The museum ship, a Soviet-built missile boat Hans Beimler that was in service with the Navy of the German democratic Republic, is moored in the harbor of Peenemünde.

Project 1241.RE 'Molnija' Missile Boat

Soviet large missile boat Project 1241.RE "Molnija" (en. "Lightning"), at NATO has the name Tarantul 1 class corvette (read more )

Crew Living Quarters

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Control Room

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Utility Rooms

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Anti-aircraft Armament

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Missile Armament

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АК-176 Naval Gun

АК-176 Soviet Naval Gun

Soviet project 1241 "Molniya" missile corvettes (Tarantul class in NATO) were armed with an AK-176 universal artillery system mounted in the bow (read more )