Maritime Museum of Barcelona

I was 3 times in Barcelona but this Museum is that it stays unexplored. This time it is obligatory part of the program.

Maritime Museum of Barcelona (these apartments on Barcelona's Maritime Museum map) is a historic building known as Royal Shipyards, a unique example of urban Gothic architecture (XIII century), dedicated to the construction of ships in the port of Barcelona for Catalan-Aragonese Royal court. The history of this unique building is closely connected with the sea and with the influence of the Spanish crown in the Mediterranean in the middle ages. Construction of the Shipyards was conceived on the basis of a wide nave, separated by pilasters, slender, with a large Central courtyard, designed to preserve marine galleys during the winter. It is interesting to note that this building housed up to three dozen galleys, and at the same time carried out work on the construction of new vessels. The Maritime Museum of Barcelona, opened the meeting of the representatives of Barcelona in 1941, and in 1993 he became part established at the Consortium Shipyards of Barcelona, the main objectives were management and conservation of the marine property of this historic building, the extension of its collections, consisting of ship models, paintings, jewellery aft of the galley, instruments of navigation, nautical charts and letters... of all the things that illustrates the evolution of the Catalan Navy throughout history. From the collections of the Museum, you can select nautical guides of Mallorca XIV century, the Royal galley don Juan de Austria, made by real size that was built in this very building in 1571, and other works of art, embodied the theme of the sea as an integral part of the lives of barcelonans. Maritime Museum of Barcelona. layout