Passenger port of Naples

The journey to Capri begins at the passenger port of Naples.

Naples. Passenger port

From the piers of Molo Beverello, high-speed boats go to the Islands of Capri, Procida, Ischia, and Sorrento.

Naples. Passenger port

Just one such vessel completed the next trip and came to the pier.

Naples. Passenger port

I was struck by the incredible maneuverability of the motor ship I turned around almost on the spot. In General, the mooring operation has passed very quickly and clearly - you can only admire the skill Neapolitan sailors - I've never seen anything like them anywhere.

Naples. Passenger port Naples. Passenger port

Fire and rescue boat. The Vigili del label Fuoco on Board can be translated as "guardians of the fire", so called Italian national fire service.

Fire and rescue boat

The pier San Vincenzo protects the port with the South. The pier is occupied by a naval base of the Italian Navy. Large ones there are no ships in sight, and only a couple of patrol boats are parked at the docks.

Naples naval base of the Italian Navy

Cruise ships dock at this pier. Building the marine station (Stazione Marittima) was built in the time of Mussolini, in In 1936. Naples. The Maritime station (Stazione Marittima di Napoli)

In the work of the architect Cesare Bazani, you can see clear features of Soviet constructivism in the late 20s.

Naples. The Maritime station (Stazione Marittima di Napoli)

At the far end of the pier, ferries of the Siremar line connecting mainland Italy with Sicily are moored.

Naples. Seaport

At the berths, you can see both rare and modern vessels.

Naples. Seaport Naples. Seaport. Snav ships

On the pier of San Vincenzo, behind the naval base, there is a Parking lot for SNAV, the main sea carrier in the South of Italy. Naples. Seaport. Snav ships

The company's fleet consists mainly of high-speed vessels connecting Naples with the Islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida.

Naples. Seaport. Snav ships

A high-speed catamaran Pescara Jet, built in 1991 year in the Australian company Incat Catamarans Pty. Vessel length 77 m meters carries 450 passengers and 85 cars at a speed of 38 knots (70 km/h).

Naples. Seaport. A high-speed catamaran Pescara Jet

At first, the catamaran belonged to Northern European companies to Hoverspeed companies, la Sea Containers, Color Line, then Silja Line, it operated on the Calais-Dover and Liverpool - Belfast lines. Since 2004 snav equipment operated on the Adriatic (Pescaro-Spalato-javar). As far as is known, the ship is now owned by Golden Blaze Cruises and it is located in the port of Peramo.

Naples. Seaport. A high-speed catamaran Pescara Jet

The Croazia jet catamaran was built in 1996 by the Australian company Austal and has been in the hands of different owners - Scandlines on the Baltic, then worked on lines connecting Spain with North Africa. In 2002, the vessel was acquired by the company SNAV, catamaran Croazia has a length of 83 meters, it can accommodate 650 passengers and 156 cars and has a speed of 40 knots (74 km/h).

Naples. Seaport. High speed motor ship SNAV Croazia jet

TTT Lines ferries operate between Naples and Catania, Sicily.

Naples. Seaport. The Ferry Partenope TTTLines

Recreational catamarans are waiting for the tourist season on the shore.

Naples. Seaport

The cargo port of Naples is one of the most important in Europe.

Naples. Seaport. Container terminal

In the Eastern part of the pier San Vincenzo is located a lighthouse built in 1746. After 4 years before the lighthouse appeared statue of Saint Januarius, patron Saint of Naples.

The Port Of Naples. The lighthouse of the pier of San Vincenzo and the statue of San Gennaro.

Leaving the Northern lighthouse on the port side, our ship leaves for the Bay of Naples.

The Port Of Naples. The Northern lighthouse.