Fast Ships

Tidebris, high-speed catamaran in Haugesund

MS Tidebris catamaran, Haugesunn

From 2007 to 2013, Norled's Bergen-Haugesund-Stavanger (Flaggruten) high-speed line was served by the catamaran Tidebris (read more )

Albatros III Patrol Boat, Torrevjeia

Albatros III Patrol Boat, Torrevieja

The Albatros III speedboat belonged to the Spanish customs control Service (Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera). In 2006, the ship, which served for 33 years, was transferred to the Museum of the Sea and Salt (read more )

Kaparen-class patrol boats (Hugin-class), Peenemünde

Kaparen-class (Hugin-class) boats, Peenemünde

Four small warships, unarmed and repainted in "civilian" colors, are moored in the Harbor of Peenemünde. These are high-speed missile boats of the project "Hugin" ("Raven"), an export version of the Norwegian torpedo-missile boat type Snøgg (read more )

Hans Beimler Missile Boat, Peenemünde

Hans Beimler missile boat, Peenemünde

Soviet large messile boat Project 1241.RE "Molnija" (en. "Lightning"), at NATO has the name Tarantul 1 class corvette (read more )