Peenemünde Harbor

The town of Peenemünde is located on the island of Usedom and is well known as the rocket center of Nazi Germany, where the technical Museum is now open. In the post-war period, the 1st flotilla of the German democratic Republic's naval forces (Volksmarine) was based in Peenemunde harbour. After the unification of Germany, the flotilla was disbanded, now there are several warships-museums of the Cold war era and the Museum of the flotilla's history.

U-461 Submarine

U-461 submarine, Peenemünde

The Soviet submarine project 651 was put into operation in the Northern fleet since 1965 and was on combat duty until 1988. This is the largest diesel submarine with a missile weapon in history (read more )

Kaparen-class Patrol Boats (Hugin-class)

Kaparen-class (Hugin-class) boats, Peenemünde

Four small warships, unarmed and repainted in "civilian" colors, are moored in the Harbor of Peenemünde. These are high-speed missile boats of the project "Hugin" ("Raven"), an export version of the Norwegian torpedo-missile boat type Snøgg (read more )

Hans Beimler Missile Boat

Hans Beimler missile boat, Peenemünde

Soviet large messile boat Project 1241.RE "Molnija" (en. "Lightning"), at NATO has the name Tarantul 1 class corvette (read more )