М314 Alta, Sauda Class Minesweeper, Oslo

М314 Alta, Sauda class minesweeper, Oslo

The ship-monument is located in the heart of Oslo, at the pier of cruise Harbor, near the Akershus castle. Minesweeper class "Sauda" was developed in the fifties in the United States under the us military assistance program to European partners in NATO (read more )

Y311 Søløven, Boat of Danish Navy Underwater Rescue Service

Y311 Søløven, Danish Navy underwater rescue service

During the holiday along Larsen Plads promenade lined up several warships. As it turned out - it holds an open day diving and rescue service (read more )

Vasa Museum, Stockholm

Stockholm, the Museum of the Vasa ship

The Exposition is the world's only surviving sailing ship in the early seventeenth century and tells a very instructive story about its creation and destruction (read more )

U-461 Submarine, Peenemünde

U-461 submarine, Peenemünde

The Soviet submarine project 651 was put into operation in the Northern fleet since 1965 and was on combat duty until 1988. This is the largest diesel submarine with a missile weapon in history (read more )

Kaparen-class Patrol Boats (Hugin-class), Peenemünde

Kaparen-class (Hugin-class) boats, Peenemünde

Four small warships, unarmed and repainted in "civilian" colors, are moored in the Harbor of Peenemünde. These are high-speed missile boats of the project "Hugin" ("Raven"), an export version of the Norwegian torpedo-missile boat type Snøgg (read more )

Hans Beimler Missile Boat, Peenemünde

Hans Beimler missile boat, Peenemünde

Soviet large messile boat Project 1241.RE "Molnija" (en. "Lightning"), at NATO has the name Tarantul 1 class corvette (read more )

The Royal Galley (Galera Real), Barcelona

The Royal galley (Galera Real), Barcelona

The main exhibit of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona is the galley "Real", the flagship of the Holy League fleet during the battle with the Ottoman fleet at Lepanto (read more)

S-61 Delfín Submarine, Torrevieja

S-61 Delfín Submarine. Torrevieja

The submarine belongs to the Daphné class (French. "Wolf berry"), which were built in France from 1958 to 1970, both for their own fleet, and for sale (read more )

ENS Shalatein Egyptian Replenishment Ship (Formerly A1414 Glücksburg)

ENS Shalatein replenishment ship

The Egyptian warship ENS Shalatein with the tactical number 230 is of German origin. This is a replenishment ship of 701C Lüneburg class, designed to supply missile and torpedo boats and submarines (read more )